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Random Audio Announcement


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Currently I use a .wav file for the doorbell sounds which play through a C4 Amp to a few rooms in my house.  If I had 2-3 audio wav files and I wanted it to randomly pick 1 of the 2 or 3, how would I do that in programming.  Basically looking for an "or" statement or something if you will

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There is no explicit OR statement but you can achieve the same result using the IF statement and variables


variable = variable + 1

IF variable = 1

  use audio1.wav

IF variable = 2

  use audio2.wav

IF variable = 3

  use audio3.wav

  variable = 0

Not sure about random, as never seen any random functionality, but I'm sure you could write a small piece of code based on a timer to randomly set a variable value.
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When Doorbell Press

->Set to Random Value Between (min 1 max 3)


When Variable changes

->if variable equal to 1

->->Execute Announcement 1

->if variable equal to 2

->->Execute Announcement 2

->if variable equal to 3

->->Execute Announcement 3

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Hi Alan

Seems to have worked - thanks!  It is about 10 degrees outside and 8'' of snow so not standing out there testing it too much but I pressed it a few times, hit execute a few times, and I think I am good to go.


Thanks again!


No problems.  Pretty simple to do.  I used to do random 'the ring' video on my TV (with flickering lights) upon motion sensing (1/100 chance).

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