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Hey Guys please take a look at what Im selling I got a lot to get rid of ad id like to get rid of it all at the same time.
Bulk Sale of Control4 Items.
Includes some working and non-working items and spare parts. 
I Bought a huge lot of broken and working Control4 Devices to fix and resell, I was already able to fix and sell a lot of items, and some did not require fixing.
I would love to continue to fix these, but it is taking to much time and space. 
If you have basic skills with electronics you can fix these items and make a descent profit, and some just require putting items together, without to much effort.
This project is a little to much for me to handle and the moment.
4 Control4 HC-800-BL Controllers, 2 powers supplies, 2 spare boards with physical damage, and other spare parts.
  • 3 of them was able to power on, 2 into project menu with the one of Sata disk modules.
  • 1 Fan turns on, but no lights couldn't get it to go further. 
  • 1 is physical damaged 
  • These Controllers Sell Between $400-$800 new and used. Broken/non-working ones sell around $200
  • 2 spare boards, 1 cpu fan, miscellaneous plugs and parts
  • Includes 5 8gb Sata Disk that contain the HC-800's programming, and 6 2gb ram cards.
  • 4 spare WiFi Cards
6 Control4 HC-AMP108 8 channel bridgable amps
  • 1 Powers on light turns blue then turns red after a few mins, but I believe it works and but goes idle if nothings connected.
  • 1 Powered on with the working Amps power supply.
  • 4 Are basically for spare parts, most with physical damage. But I believe you could make one or more working amps from the spare parts.
  • These amps sell around 400-600$ used
  • 4 have no covers, 2 have covers, and one spare cover is physically broken but looks salvageable
  • 1 Rack mount
1 Control4 C4-EA5 Controller, Item says Prototype on the back. 
  • Has no Front Face on it, item seems new aside from some scuffs and scratches on case
  • Its powers up and Lights Turn on And blink at the front and inside, Plugged in an HDMI cable to a tv and it seemed to work. Ethernet lights turn on and blink when you plug in an Ethernet cable.
  • I believe Item is working, I do not know how test it any further. 
  • Retail value on new ones is 2000$
3 Control4 Remotes
  • 3 Seem to be working with 4 AA-batteries, They turn on and go into the menu, and say waiting for network.
  • 1 does not power on but in good condition, I think it could be fixed from the spares 
  • 1 Remote wall mount, no charging cable
  • 3 rechargeable batteries 
  • 2 LCD replacement screens, unsure of functionality 
  • Most sell between $50-$100
7 LCD screen various sizes
  • Most powered on and the touch screens functioned
  • 1 Wall mount included 
  • 2 Ethernet charging bases, only one screen fits in base.
*Found replacement Touch screen digitizers online to from china, already fixed a few and sold them however shipping took 3-4weeks.

3 C4-HC250-BL and 6 spares
  • 3 of them have no physical damage on boards but needs sd cards and c-mos batteries to make them work, was able to test some and they powered on with the SD card.
  • Will inlcude 1 8gb SD card from an C4-HC250-BL, Data could be copied to other SD's Cards to make the others work
  • 6 Spares some with physical damage.
1 Ethernet Speaker Port
  • Just the Board no Case, not tested, but looks in good condition.
  • Included 1 power supply 
  • Bag of screws 
  • Random Plugs and wires
  • 2 IR cables
  • 1 Face Plate 

At an estimate There is more then $5000 worth in value even with non-working items.
I have already fixed and sold a bunch of Control4 items, but I am running out of time to continue to and fix these.


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I agree.  Dumpster diving, indeed.   I personally wouldn't touch this with a 10-foot pole.  I already have enough broken gear... :)

You could never know if the issues you're experiencing are due to the flaky or even *prototype* gear or not.

That said, some people are less averse to risk, but caveat emptor.



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