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4 zone audio solution advice

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Hi All,

I am looking for a non c4 solution to feed 4 audio zones.

I already have my house with a full c4 system but this is for a side project.

basically just want to be able to stream music via airplay to 4 zones and be able to have different sources (multiple ios devices most likely).

I would need a 4 zone amp and like one or more airport express devices...just wondering what would be the best combination.

I know there is lots of knowledge here.



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I'm pretty happy with my Nuvo P3100 for this.  Its amp and streamer combined and allows direct streaming from any iOS to any zone or combination of zones, or from library, nas, pandora, spotify, etc...  If you need more zones you can add the smaller P200, P300 units on the network and it all acts as a single system seamlessly across all zones.  Mine is very stable and sound quality is very good.  And it integrates with C4 if you decide to go there. 


Sonos is another option, as is Niles, and Autonomic, and the Moon MIND 180 (x4) depending on your budget.... 

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