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Video Distribution call for HELP

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Hi All,

I hope someone can help me out here as I don't have a clue how to figure this one out.

I am extending my HDMI from a matrix to a 55inch TV. The signal is cutting on and off constantly. However when I connect my spare 19 inch TV it works fine.

How is it possible for the video to flicker on the 55 and be fine on the 19 inch ???


The setup is like this :


DVR/AppleTV/KODI -> to 4x4 HDMI matrix -> through Binary B-200-1CAT-HDIR HDMI extender -> to the TV....


There is a distance adjustment on the HDMI extender but I tried all possibilities 0 to 7....and then again it makes no sense cause everything is perfect on the 19,

And before you ask, the 55 inch is brand new, I just got it to replace my existing 55 which I thought was the issue.. maybe I bought a TV for nothing ! oh well Ill deal with that later.

Any help would be so appreciated,


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