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Craig P

Homemation Easy Occupancy Driver

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I have launched a new driver on DriverCentral. This has been created with dealer's valuable time in mind! 

You can now simplify your room occupancy to just a few clicks. No creating timers, no need to venture into the Programming section in composer unless you really want to. 

Oh, and FREE dealer showroom licence, click here to head over to DriverCentral to see how easy the driver is!

Here are some things the driver can do: 


  • Ramp dimmers to a pre-set level on Occupancy 
  • Set an Occupancy Timeout of 1 minute to 1 hour 
  • Turn a rooms AV off when Occupancy Timeout is reached 
  • Turn Thermostats off on Occupancy Timeout 
  • Enable or disable the Occupancy via UI Button 

Programming events can be triggered on: 

  • When Occupancy Starts 
  • When Occupancy Expires 
  • When Occupancy Resets 
  • When Occupancy Stops 
  • When Driver is Enabled 
  • When Driver is Disabled 

Programming actions: 

  • Start, Stop, Restart or Expire the Timer 
  • Enable or disable the Driver 
  • Change the timeout value in Minutes 
  • Change the dimmer(s) ON level value 
  • Change the dimmer(s) ON ramp on time in seconds 
  • Change the dimmer(s) OFF ramp on time in seconds 
  • Enable or disable Switch(es) from activating 
  • Enable or disable Thermostat(s) from turning of on Timer Expiry

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FYI, there is a new version out, here's the latest changelog: 

---Version 20180804--- 

Neatened up the properties page 
Added keypad connections with colour feedback to enable, disable and toggle the driver state. 

---Version 20180130--- 

Corrected error where the Event did't fire when the driver was Enable or Disabled 
Changed some logic to better handle sensors that hold occupancy for long periods of time, like ZigBee based sensors. 
Version 20171007 

---Initial Release---

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On 8/3/2018 at 9:43 PM, South Africa C4 user said:

Can this handle multiple motion sensors in one room to determine occupancy? Preferably with one to trigger occupancy and any/all of them to maintain occupancy?

Yes it can

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