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Advanced lighting scene changed based on variable

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Hey all-


I'm a longtime lurker, but I never post, so hello and thanks for all of your help these past couple of years.  I've got something I'd like to get squared away with a kitchen scene, and I'm thinking I may be running into an issue that I can't do with Home Edition.  However, I'll throw it out there if anyone has a solution, I can probably get my provider to do it.  If this is something that I need a provider to do, I'd at least like to know what needs to be done so I can spell it out for them.

I have a kitchen that has 3 different banks of lights; Kitchen Sink, Kitchen Cans, & Cabinet Lights.  I've created a scene that has these three banks of lights called "Kitchen," with an associated toggle. 

I'm trying to get a lighting scene to behave differently depending upon the time of day.  I also have a "DAYTIME" variable that is toggled TRUE/FALSE with a sunrise/sunset scheduled event.  What I'm trying to accomplish is that if DAYTIME is TRUE, when the lights are turned OFF (meaning Kitchen Toggle activated), I'd like my cabinet lighting to also be off.  However, if the DAYTIME variable is set to FALSE (meaning, it's night-time), when the Kitchen lights are turned off, I'd like for my Cabinet Lights to be at 1%.  

Otherwise, I have an event that runs at Dawn and Dusk, that toggles the undercabinet lights On at 1%, and off, only if the Kitchen scene isn't activated.  In the Kitchen Scene, I'm not tracking the cabinet lights themselves, just the other two banks of lights.

My lighting is bound to the switches by my provider, in an area that I can't access with Home Edition.  This hasn't really been a problem up until now, as I have a scene for each room that I've been able to modify accordingly.

So, any help is appreciated.  Extra info:  EA-3 with fancy switches and bank lighting, 2.10.0.  



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Something similar to what I've attached is what I believe would work.  I created a second toggle, and then I can assign to a button-press a parsing of the DAYTIME variable.  I just believe that this might be something that needs to be done at the driver level, as the main button presses seem to get over-ridden for me.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 11.29.23 AM.png

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The easiest way to do this without your dealer is to set the Cabinet Lights to 1% when the kitchen is turned off and it is night time. You don't need those variables that you created.

Create a Kitchen Off scene or a toggle scene for the Kitchen Scene if you don't have one.

When Lighting Scene Kitchen Off becomes active
If time is night time
Set cabinet lights to 1%

Ideally, you want to create two scenes and activate them accordingly, but, as mentioned above, it requires your dealer to make changes.

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That's a great idea, Eddy.  Thanks, I'll give that a try; I think it'll work just fine.  It appears that I've over-thought it.  I'll attach just for future reference.5a68f64503f51_ScreenShot2018-01-24at4_07_55PM.png.1ea1b98650f03e5000ea5f476c479346.png


I actually made a separate scene and toggle for Kitchen Night, and have the sunrise/sunset scheduled events also activating those scenes, as long as the regular "Kitchen" scene isn't active. 

The lights give a bit of a blink since the ramp-down has to complete before the next scene is activated, but this is acceptable for now, and I can tweak that load's ramping settings later to make it less perceptible.  

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