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System slow to respond every few weeks

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I've been having a problem that about every week or two my system slows down, and it becomes slow to respond to commands from remote controls, etc. The weird thing is that when I reboot the HC-800 controller the problem goes away, and then it starts back up again a week or two later. This leads me to conclude it probably isn't related to the zigbee network since I can't imagine a reboot of the controller would fix that. Any other tips? Any logs I could look at to see the problem? My suspicion is that a driver is causing the problem, but I'm not sure how to narrow it down.


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Sounds exactly like a driver is the root problem.  You can check logs for a driver that is eating up the memory.  What happens is that the memory gets filled and then starts the sluggish behavior.  When you reboot, it clears the memory and the cycle will continue.

Typically, you'll find the driver/device ID constantly having repeated messaging to director.  Should be easy to pinpoint.

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^Right on.  I found the exact same problem resulting in almost daily reboots being required to clear things out.  Fortunately, the driver was something I could replace with a similar driver to keep things rolling.

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