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YouTube TV with Control4?

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Does anybody use YouTube TV with their Control4 system?  We're thinking about cutting the cord in conjunction with our system hardware upgrade we're working on and considering to just use YouTube TV.

We currently have two Tivos (XL and Premiere) that distribute to 4 TVs in the house.  We have an old 3rd generation Apple TV.  I already spoke with Comcast about getting rid of the TV part of our package and just having an internet only plan.

For YouTube TV, I'm guessing we would need more than one device (ie, Apple TV, Chromecast or whatever) if we want to be able to watch two different (or three different) channels simultaneously on different TVs.  Is this correct?  I know that YouTube TV allows 3 "streams" at the same time, but if I want to distribute these streams to different TVs at the same time, they would need to be originating from separate devices, right?


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We use YouTube TV on Apple TV 4K and have no problem using the Control4 remote (the directional keypad) to fast forward or rewind

Of course, you can't scrub so easily or quickly as you can if you use the original Apple TV 4K remote via the touchpad, but otherwise the Control4 remote works find

What exactly are you finding frustrating?  Maybe we can help more if you provide more details of the issue you're having

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