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Sony STR-DA2800ES


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15 hours ago, Amr said:

Lame, typical Sony behavior and no standing behind anything ... e.g Dash ...

Actual, I was told it wasn't Sony's fault, but (cough, cough) somebody else that broke the IR code setup as the 'database' of IR codes online is no longer reachable.

It's only 5 years old, personally my bench mark for it's old/tough is 7 years. (5 years really sorry about that but tech changes, 3 that really sucks but I didn't build it, less than 3 how can I make it better, 2 or less vendor should compensate).

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iPhone 5S actually got iOS 12, I wish other companies could support their devices for that long, but its unrealistic, I guess they don't sell enough of the devices to support them like Apple does.


Can you still at least use the DA2800 as a regular amp in C4?

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