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Vinyl/Turntable and Triad Matrix & Amp

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Hi all, 

I've recently had a 24 zone Matrix and 8 zone amp installed. 

I was planning on linking my Technics stack hifi system as an input source, which still sounds absolutely brilliant on its own by the way! 

The idea is to be able to play vinyl through my system and select what room to listen to it in. 

My rack is in the basement and my Technics hifi is in the front reception room which has cat6 ports in the walls. I've patched in via phono over cat6 adaptors direct to the rack then converted back from cat6 to phono and plugged straight into an input in the rack using these Lindy adaptors - 


I can choose listen to 'Hifi' in the c4 app and in theory this should play via my speakers in the selected room. It works and I can hear music through the system but the problem i'm having is that its very quiet. At max volume i can hear the music but its very quiet. 

I've also tried bypassing the Technics amp and also the lindy adaptors altogether and literally carried the record player down to the basement and plugged it direct into the matrix and i have the same problem with the volume. 

If anyone has any experience with playing vinyl via c4 any advice would be much appreciated. It would be amazing if i could get this to work properly! 

Thanks in advance! :)

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Thanks! That's really useful. From what i understand after reading the info on that link is that a Phono pre-amp converts the phono signal to 'line-level' which is basically AUX and that some turntables have a built in phono amp. Looking at the back of mine it seems to have what looks like an AUX output but isn't labelled. 

I'm going to try an AUX to phono --> Phonno to Cat6 --> then at the rack end... Cat6 to phono then straight into the Matrix. 

I'll let you know! Cheers

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Hi all, i've got it working! Basically the turntable goes through the technics amp then the amp out to the cat 6 converter then through to the Matrix. I'm sure i tried this first 😂

I'm now happy as larry and cn play vinyl throughout the house! Result!

Thanks for your help. Cheers

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