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Automated Shades - Help Please.

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Just got Qmotion Shades installed, so far, so good.

Using their QMotion QIS Advanced system - This is essentially using Cat5/6 for power to each shade and using Zigbee for the communication to Control4.

QMotion Zigbee driver for Control4 has been added for each shade, and each shade is visible in Control4 Navigators.

QUESTION: How do we then allow for Alexa control?  I've used the Alexa app to search for new devices and the shades do not present themselves in Alexa.

The shades also do not present themselves in the web portal of Customer.Control4.com under Automation -> Amazon Alexa (other "Devices" such as sources like Cable and AppleTV are present there which when enabled allow Alexa to discover them through Control4).

What step are we missing?  The integration guide (here: https://www.qmotionfabrication.net/uploads/1/0/9/1/109199665/qmotion_alexa_setup_guide_v1.1_1.pdf) says that the shades are discoverable by Alexa when paired with a Zigbee hub or an Echo Plus (which has a Zigbee hub built-in).  I'd think that the Control4 EA5 or EA1 (both of which we have) would be acting as the Zigbee hub and then allowing Alexa to discover the shades attached.

Any sage advice most appreciated.  We eliminated ordering remotes (possible mistake) thinking we could bank on voice control which now we don't have operational...

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What driver is used in the case of using RS-232/485?

QMotion’s own technical diagrams show it using Zigbee. 

If you’ve done this before with RS-232/485 please provide your setup/experience. 


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On 12/18/2018 at 10:41 PM, Crustyloafer said:

The wired QMotion shades with QIS module should be controlled via RS232-RS485 interface, no need for ZigBee at all.

Crusty, I have my new QIS roller shades, all POE, running into the QIS comms Hub. I bought the following adapter in the attached photo:


In terms of wiring, It's going from the Qmotion hubs RJ-45 into the adapter (shown in the photo) and then to an EA-3 via Serial port 1 - (using a serial to Aux 3.5m jack)

Given it's going into an EA-3, and i read somewhere that it needs an external 5V power source and that power should be attached to terminals 5 & 6. True?

I'm trying to figure out the wiring part of this from the RJ-45 to the DTech adapter and which terminals need the power. 

Any words of wisdom here or do you know of any documentation that could help me out?

Thank you! 



Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 4.40.05 PM.png

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1. There is no need to for the ground connection on the RS485 cable to the QIS module, just data +/-. The ground terminal is only used as the - terminal for the 5V power supply.


2. Here is the Pinout for the RS485 to RJ45 connection, it’s just standard 568B at the RJ45 end and the orange pair are used for data transmission, with orange/white = + and orange = -.


3. The power supply connects to terminals 5 and 6, with 5 being ground/- and 6 being +.

4. Drivers are in the C4 database but if you can’t find the right ones here they are too:




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