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Remote Integration - Domaudeo

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I am looking for a C4 Integrator that can assist in the integration of the Domaudeo Dmx driver (Jackstone) - To clear the air, my current dealer is fantastic, but this is a new area for him and we came to the conclusion that this might be a better path.

A bit of background info,

I have been building a new home for over 2 years, at this point we are nearing completion....finally.

I located a small company building 5 channel strips that were much better then the popular Hue strips. They are brighter and covered the full spectrum of the white colors from 2200k all the way to 6500k in addition to all the rgb stuff among other things. These strips would let us run them out as long as I needed "essentially" for more of the complicated ceiling designs. In any event, I wanted to find a way to integrate these into the C4 system in the home, enter Domaudeos Dmx driver. 

At the moment, I have over 400 meters of Led strip in this home and more Dmx decoders then I can count. The Dmx driver needs to be set up properly to get the channels firing off the correct colors among other things.

Jackstone has been very helpful and is standing by to assist in the setup.


Here is the link to the original thread about this driver:



I also included some pictures of a few ceilings in the build below.







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Cool setup and nice looking home.

What exactly seems to be the problem though?  The driver is super easy to setup.  You add whatever driver is needed for each area type and the channels to control and done. Really the only thing that is a requirement is knowing what DMX channels belong to each zone of lighting.  After that, I usually have the client play with the lights before creating any scenes that they want.  I also have them write down the exact numeric color (which can be seen in the driver). 

How many channels are you running at this point?

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