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Chowmain - Blustream ACM200 AV over IP driver (FREE)

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The Blustream UHD Multicast distribution platform allows distribution of HDMI video over a 1GB Network switch. The ACM200 Advanced Control Module allows for control of the Multicast system from Control4 via TCP/IP. 

The FREE driver developed by Chowmain will integrate the UHD Multicast distribution series of Blustream devices via the Blustream ACM200 

If you are headed to ISE Expo in Amsterdam make sure you check the Blustream guys out at Hall 5 - Booth S140 


  • Full two way IP control & feedback. 
  • Upto 64 x 64 configuration 
  • Matrix Switching / Routing 
  • One way RS-232 output from transmitters or receivers. 
  • Fix VIDEO OUTPUT:xxx from INPUT:yyy 
  • Fix AUDIO OUTPUT:xxx From INPUT:yyy 
  • Fix IR OUTPUT:xxx From INPUT:yyy 
  • Fix RS232 OUTPUT:xxx From INPUT:yyy 
  • Fix USB OUTPUT:xxx From INPUT:yyy 
  • Fix CEC OUTPUT:xxx From INPUT:yyy 
  • Set CEC OUTPUT:yyy ON or Off 
  • Set OUTPUT:xxx Fast Switching On or Off 
  • Set OUTPUT:xxx HDR On or Off 
  • Reboot Receiver 
  • Rotate Receiver Video Output 
  • Stretch video Output (keep aspect ratio stretch to fit) 
  • Switch Receiver (Output) between Matrix and Video Wall mode 
  • Receiver HDCP management mode 
  • Set Scaler Output Resolution 
  • Set CEC INPUT:yyy ON or Off 
  • Set TX Audio source to HDMI audio 
  • Set TX Audio source to Analog 
  • Set TX Audio source to Auto 
  • Reboot Transmitter 
  • Copy EDID Input yyy from Output xxx 
  • Set Input: yyy EDID To EDID:zz 
  • Apply Config to Video Wall 
  • Set Grouped Output from single Source Input:yyy 
  • Turn IR control port On or Off 
  • Set IO port to low(0) or high(1) level 

Product Information 

Driver Download 


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