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c4-sapd 240

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It's a native driver built into Composer Pro. It's this one:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/774mjdszqsj7zfq/Screenshot 2019-02-18 08.12.13.png?dl=0

and you then need to use the separate dimmable or non-dimmable light load drivers and then bind them to the Load 1 and Load 2 bindings on the keypad dimmer driver.

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Can you use Advanced Lighting with this Dual Load Dimmer or is it fixed to Load ON and Load OFF type control?


What I am thinking of is to use one of these Dimmers to replace a couple of single dimmers (C4-KD240's).


In my existing Lighting Keypad/Dimmer setup in my house, my Lighting circuits are controlled using a 5 Button configuration plus UP/DOWN buttons for Audio Volume;

Button 1 is always a toggle for an ON scene, so either 100% ON or 0% OFF.

Button 2 is always a toggle for a DIM scene, so either 20% ON or 0% OFF.


But I am not sure if this is capable of this type of control.

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