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SR260 battery level issue

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I have a SR260 with "throw-away" batteries in one room.  Since Monday, the "battery level" variable associated with that remote has been bouncing all over the place.  Initially, I got a low battery warning, because Control4 was reporting battery level of 9%. The remote itself showed the battery icon as nearly full, but I changed the batteries anyway, just to be sure.  The battery icon on the remote then went back to full.  And, at first, Control4 also reported a battery level of 100%.  However, within 30 minutes of changing the batteries, the battery variable had fallen back down to 9%. Curiously, the battery level variable would randomly go back up to 100% after some time, and then drop back down.  (Note that the battery icon on the remote remained stable at full throughout all this.) . Eventually, I just disabled the notifications, but I am still having the underlying problem with the battery variable bouncing around.

The remote is running firmware version 2.1.117.  I tested all the batteries in two different battery testers, and they read as full.  I have also tried two different sets of fresh batteries without any luck.  Is this likely to be a hardware issue with the remote, or something else?

Thanks very much.

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Hi:  Thanks for the reply.  My dealer says that our current remote firmware, 2.1.117, is already the latest. Is he wrong about that? Thanks!



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