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Spotify Setup Question

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I've been working on integrating Spotify and have some questions about what others do.  I originally set this up with a Spotify instance for each room (as shown by C4).  I am finding this cumbersome.  You have to add playlists to each room (even if its the same play list) and then you are not sure who may have what on.  

So, has anyone just made different Spotify instances for people instead of rooms.  For example, Person 1 (me) and then I add my playlists.  I can show in all rooms and just select when wanted regardless of where I am located.  Then, Person 2 (wife), Person 3 (child), etc.  Then each person can select their own list. 

Does this work in practice?

What have other people done to make this integration better?  



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I do one instance for each user. 

Then each user always uses their own instance wherever they go.  Just show them how to save their playlists in Control4 if they care

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