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IR Question for Control4 Processor

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I am developing a product that I wish to integrate with Control4 using IR. The product itself will have a  3.5mm Female port for IR on it so the integrator can use a direct mini jack connection from my product to the processor rather than using an IR Blaster and Receiver. We have already worked with Control4 and another company to develop the drivers for IR, we just need to figure out how the mini jack connection works with the processor.

So here here are my questions:

1. Does anyone know the pinout for the port on the Control4 Processor, for example the EA1 or EA3?

2. If possible I'd like to provide the integrator with the necessary cable, so is a IR mini jack connection as simple as just using a standard 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack cable? 

I apologize for what may sound like such an amateur question, but I am definitely an amateur and any assistance would greatly be appreciated. I just want to ensure the IR integration works for the product.

Thank you!



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IR typically uses 3.5 mono connectors.  Tip is signal and sleeve is ground.

C4 IR ports are wired the same way.  The EA controllers do have IR/RS232 capabilities on some ports too.  Those are stereo 3.5 ports.  This is configured within Composer.

But for your purposes, mono 3.5 is all that is needed. 

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