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Backlighting on Keypads - trying to get ideas

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Sorry for the double post but I tried in the troubleshooting subforum and was not getting the traffic.  I have a tough time believing I am the only one in this boat.  I had a lot of C4 lighting but recently added a lot more.  In any room/area of my house, if I have more than 1 C4 switch in the gang box the backlighting is wonky,.  All the single gang locations for the most part are fine.  C4 suggested I try the black ambient sensors so I tested that out in 1 location but barely made any difference.

Some photos of what I am seeing are here in the link below - any ideas or tips?  I’ve tried different LED colors, different backlight colors, etc.  I am open to doing a customized setting and putting in various highs/lows in that area, etc.  I just need help, its super ugly and its all over my house.  And yes, I had all the engravings done at the same time so they were cut from the same batch.  I recall years ago the older batches had issues, so I printed everything from scratch.


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