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Music button on Keypads

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I'm looking for the best way program a single "music" button on a keypad.  

My requirements:

I want to be able to launch Spotify in the zone and play a specified playlist with shuffle/random enabled.
I want to be able to play DLNA music (random, certain playlist, etc).
I want to be able to launch a Pandora station.
I want to be able to adjust the volume (up/down buttons).
I want to be able to skip the current song (up/down buttons?).
If the sound is not currently playing in the keypad's zone, but it is playing in a nearby zone, I want to "join" that zone and start playing/streaming the same source.

Given these requirements, how would you program the keypad?  Am I missing any obvious requirements?

My initial thoughts are to do:

Single tap: Spotify playlist
Double tap: DLNA
Triple tap: Pandora
Up/down button press: adjust volume
Up/down button hold: skip track

I'm unclear on how to handle the "join" situation.  Would it be possible to do something like "if no music is playing in zone, hold the Music button for 2 seconds to join nearby zone"?

Any suggestions and or tips?  Should I be using the room control driver for any of this?

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There is a driver called the room control driver. It has a preset source cycler. So it can cycle from spotify, to a specific radio station, to DLNA and such. You could program the skip song to the same button on a double tap. a pause on a triple. It will take some playing with.

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I haven't really played around with the room control driver, but I've used your single/double/triple tap strategy in a couple of spots and it's easy and pretty straightforward. So you could just see which works better for you. 

As far as the joining rooms option, I've set up one of my buttons to do this in a large open room where I have 2 zones. I did it so that a single tap of the music button will join the adjacent's room's session if that room is on. If that room is off, it will just do what you have programmed for your single tap. That way you don't have to program holds in or anything and will just click the button once.  

For example:

If adjacent room is on
       have room play current selected audio of adjacent room {or join digital media session; just see which works better for you/is easier to program}
If adjacent room is off
       Turn on Spotify playlist in room

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