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NX-8 security V2 proxy upgrade?

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with OS 3.0 not supporting v1 security proxy, what is my best way to upgrade my GE panel. I have mostly use GE panel for my jobs(just finished up another last week) with nx-584 keypad module...

Is there a upgraded virtual keypad or another driver??

I would hate to have to swap security panels just to upgrade to os3

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Yes, Security PANEL drivers - as opposed to Security SYSTEM driver - are the new proxy/interface drivers and work in OS3.

The one exception (that I believe has been fixed) was a 3rd party driver due to it inadvertently getting a separate flag.


Mind you if you have the old driver now, it may be quite a bit of work to replace it, depending on how much programming was done based on it.

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1 hour ago, Cyknight said:

? There's been an updated 'panel' river for the the NX584 for two years now.

5 Known Issues

  • GE Networx NX-587E security panel driver used on GE/Interlogix security panels is not supported in OS 3 due to API limitations of the NX-587E Virtual Keypad Module. Contact your Interlogix representative for information about hardware upgrade options.
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11 hours ago, grant0830 said:

What about the NX8 panel? Any V2 panel driver for this?

... yes that what we're talking about - the nx584 is the module you need for the nx8 system, unless it's the nx8e in which case you use the same driver but you can use a direct cable


EDIT: Sorry Kevin, I replied without reading your reply....it was a late night working last night 😄

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18 minutes ago, chopedogg88 said:

what's the recommended path for someone with the NX-587e?  Is it an easy swap to the 584?  something that I can do or should be done by a security company?

It won't be 'easy' in C4, it'll have to be reprogrammed (well if all it was used for is arming disarming with no programming it'll be easy I suppose)  I'm not familiar enough with the panel to be sure, but one would assume you'll have to program the the new module into the panel, and clear the old one. Which would require the installer code for the panel.

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On 6/25/2019 at 4:46 AM, Kevin L said:

The NX584 requires panel programming but if you know how to do that then you are fine. 

I believe I have the old v1 driver and would like to upgrade to the v2 - does this require any changes at the NX8 panel? It’s connected using the NX-584 module?

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9 hours ago, Kevin L said:

You have to hook up the NX584 and then go into the alarm panels programming and change settings. It is documented in the drivers documentation tab. 

Thanks - so I could get the new panel driver installed and bound by a remote programmer? And if needed I could update panel settings locally myself? 

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