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Switch install going poorly - pulling too many watts?

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Hi folks - I'm trying to swap in a C4-120277 switch for a regular light switch that's wired inline with a 45W transformer powering my front lighting. It *looks* like I've wired it up properly - I get a solid LED, and it identifies and connects to the project fine. But when I try to turn it on the properties report it's using 15672 watts and, predictably, the fault protection fires and the thing turns red and off. I'm not sure how it could possibly be pulling that kind of wattage. I've measured the line in with a multimeter and it's at 126V and it's on a 15A breaker. When I don't turn the switch on, everything seems fine and the circuit is well behaved with a simple switch. Any thoughts?

I feel like I must be missing something obvious.


edit: probably related, sometimes it spends a lot of time flickering green. I thought it’d stopped doing that, but it’s back. Here’s a vid: 


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