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Somfy Motorized Drapes (powered)

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Hi Guys, 

I'm looking for some help integrating somfy drape motors into a C4 system, using Serial as the customer doesn't want to pay for the UAI IP device. 

My current setup is 4 drape motors in the project with a cat 5 ran to each motor running back to a central location connected via RJ45 at each end to a splitter box (supplied by shade company) with a wire ran from that to a somfy bus power supply and then a final cat 5 back to the rack connected to the serial port of an EA5 using a rs232 to rs485 converter. 

I'm using the somfy SDN 2.0 rs485 driver but when I follow the steps in the driver documentation and ask to add connected shades I'm getting no response from the motors, I've called back the shade installers and they can see the devices via the somfy software, so there is no problem with wiring/connections etc, they have no further ideas as what could be the problem integrating with c4. 

I have another of the rs232 converters running in the project with zero issues controlling the qmotion shades, just wondering if anyone else has had any issues getting these to work. Any ideas are welcome, thanks in advance guys. 

***all drape motors are directly plugged into the power at the motor end**

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