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Looks like they have Google Assistant support, so there's at least an API. I wonder if we could back in to controlling it somehow with Google Assistant? Could probably reverse engineer something...

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3 hours ago, zaphod said:

Apparently the use Zigbee as well.  It would be great if C4 could control them directly.

C4 still uses it's own stack, and I doubt the blinds are directly compatible.


7 hours ago, ILoveC4 said:

Google Assistant support, so there's at least an API

One does not equal the other, if IKEA developed (or had it developed) their own smart skill, there may be no available API at all.



Adding the blinds to the Tradfri gateway is frustrating. As I said with the review of Ikea’s little Sonos remote control, the overall experience is plagued by dropped connections, failed pairings, and resets. It eventually works, but getting all the pieces to fall into place requires the patience of a saint.


That doesn't sound promising for long term reliability either.

Sounds like Platunim HD all over. I wouldn't touch these with a 10-foot pole as a dealer as long as that remains true. And no, not 'just' integrating them either - the Control4 system just ALWAYS gets the blame when these sorts of things fail, and I've dealt with enough of that with Platinum bridges and early powerview as well. Any integration would come with some MAJOR disclaimers.

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