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I am both the end-user, and also using Composer Pro, as part of my employment with my company.  They did the original setup and install in my home, and I am now learning and tweaking the system to gain experience, get things working how I'd like, etc.  In general, it's going quite well, including upgrading to 3.1.  But I have run into one issue that I can't crack.

In my Family Room, I have an Onkyo TX-SR600 Receiver, which has an FM Tuner.  It seems they didn't configure it properly to begin with, as it never showed up as an option under the Listen experience menu.  Similarly with the FM Tuner of the Marantz SR7010 in my Theater - it has never worked from day one.  But I'll just address the Family Room one here, as the answer will probably solve both.

The Onkyo is using an IR Driver:

I added an FM Tuner Driver, which I renamed 'FM Radio-Onkyo':

I connected these devices, as shown in the screenshots, and the 'FM Radio-Onkyo' shows up in Composer Pro Navigator, and is 'Visible'.

But it *doesn't* actually show up on any of the Navigators: T3, nor my Android Control4 App.

What am I doing wrong?  Wrong Drivers?  Wrong Connections?

Thank you.

FM Radio Driver.jpg



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1 hour ago, msgreenf said:

go to stations and make sure you have it visible there too


Didn't realize I needed to have it scan for stations, but seems obvious now.

Channels now show up as an option for the Tuner, although the Onkyo is not tuning properly.  Will have to play with this.

And as I guessed, the solution here also applied to why the UHF/VHF Antenna for my Sony TV was the same way, not appear in the Navigator's menus.  Scanned there, and now they do.

Many thanks!

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