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New Remotes Inbound.....

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24 minutes ago, ntlord said:


Or are they selling the batteries?

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Because they are so hard to source? took me 5 minutes to find it online!

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This has been discussed many times. It is not the same thing. When you are using a smartphone you are looking at its screen. when you are using a TV remote you are looking at the TV, not the remote.
When I type on my smartphone I am looking at the upper part of the screen to see the result of what I'm typing on the keyboard, I'm not looking at the keyboard buttons themselves. At first it was very difficult but with more practice and better software, it's now completely natural. That's all I'm saying.

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3 hours ago, msgreenf said:
3 hours ago, Gary Leeds UK said:
The best thing about this remote is we are now aware that we pay 100% more because it  has Control4
on it - 
Neeo Remote £300 C4 Neeo Remote £500/£600 
Thought C4 would have do a lot more with this remote Shame 

Imho everyone should use one before we get so dang critical of it

Use It - Played with it and passed on my View of It 

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