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You just mean the number of them in the project?

If you know the .c4i name of them, and have a DriverWorks driver in the project that lets you execute code in the Lua Command window, you can use something like this (which should list keypads and light-type devices based on the two proxies in the code):

local DEVICES = {["Keypads"] = "keypad_proxy.c4i", ["Lights and Switches"] = "light_v2.c4i"}
local out, tins = {}, table.insert

for title, c4i in pairs(DEVICES) do
  local count = 0
  tins(out, "----------------- " .. title .. " -----------------")
  for k,v in pairs(C4:GetDevicesByC4iName(c4i)) do
    tins(out, v)
    count = count + 1
  tins(out, "----------------------------------")
  tins(out, "Total " .. title .. ": " .. count)
  tins(out, "  ")

print(table.concat(out, "\n"))

The table.insert / table.concat out stuff is so that the output is all printed at once, so lines don't come out of order on Lua Output.  It's also faster, although that doesn't much matter here.


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