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OS 1.74 to OS 3.0

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Anyone done a 1.74 embernet to 3.0 upgrade with switches and dimmers going from embernet to zigbee pro?  HC-300 finally died.  Will a HC-800-BL work or is a EA mandatory?  This is a small install with a few remotes and about 10 dimmers/switches and 6 components on IR.  May want to change a couple to IP drivers as the EA's only have 4 IR inputs.  Most likely the Denon receiver and LG OLED as they appear to have IP drivers available.


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The embedded / miniapp / zigbee update is a slow process.

Potentially can get the client to do this if they can tap buttons properly and are willing to deal with an overnight outage.

Start the embernet to miniapp overnight finish I the am with zigbee and rebuild the mesh.

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