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Audio Matrix - error - one channel only?

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I have had a persistent problem ever since our system was installed a few years ago. 
We have the audio matrix switch 16/16.  This is linked to two C4 amps.   

Every day or so the audio matrix starts outputting on just one speaker channel to all zones.  To change it back I have to do a power cycle and it fixes for another day or so.  I have double checked but there doesn’t appear to be an overheating problem.   
could there be any ways I can fix this.  It is quite frustrating!


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Hello.   So back on this problem of the matrix only outputting one of the stereo channels.  
- have confirmed firmware box is filled in

- have tested if it is an IP problem by connecting and disconnecting.  No change

- only resolution is power cycle.  
.... So.  Is there any way I can programme in C4 HE a power restart on the matrix?! I looked through the options and couldn’t see anything?

any other ideas to help stop this behaviour 

many thanks!

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2 hours ago, ruskibusiness said:

Has anyone found a solution for this? 

The solution is to get it RMA'd. I've seen this in on about 25% of them that we installed a few years back. Hopefully you are still under warranty if not the price to fix and have a 90 day warranty might not be as appealing as switching to the the Triad 24x24 or another brand matrix.


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