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Is there a way of having 2 lights track and follow each others level? Ideally both ways so that if one is changed the other follows, but the second one changes the first will follow.

I have CBUS lighting (with buttons) and some Hue bulbs and I would like it so that if you change the level of the Hue in Control4 it updates the CBUS level (so that you can see it on the touchscreen) and vice versa. That way I can turn the lights on / off and up / down from either the CBUS side or the Control4 / Hue side and they will match each other.

I did some programming to say that if the level changes then set the other level to match but it means that the light levels bounce up and down, especially if you hold down one of the CBUS buttons to dim smoothly.

Hopefully that makes some sense to someone!


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And timers, maybe 3 seconds long, at least as long as a full ramp up/down takes.

When light level of A changes, start timer B. When timer B expires set light B to level of A

When light level of B changes, start timer A. When timer A expires set light A to level of B


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