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Pandora refusing to play? Solution

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Once in every 90 days or so I get an unresponsive Pandora service on C4.

If I select Pandora it loads my stations in the app, and spins and comes back..no Pandora is playing in any room.

In Composer HE properties show I'm logged in. 

I can go to Pandora.com and log in and play locally (e.g. on PC speakers).


1. In your C4 App see if you can get a different station on Pandora to play (this would be my scenario as I programmed a station to load each morning for a wake-up and it stopped working).

2. If you can get another station, go back and play the station you wanted (mine just worked)

3. You are done.

I will say that one time I saw the IDs for the stations changed, so in programming in HE, you might have to re-add the selected station as Pandora does re-created station IDs and that's how C4 stores them.  That wasn't the case this time though.

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I believe I read that is a known issue to have to select another station sometimes.

If you log out and log back in to any service, then it will change those IDs and break old programming.


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