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HC-800 constantly requires rebooting

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I just returned from two short trips and upon arrival I had to reboot my HC-800 to gain access.  Since I've been home for a few days, I now have to reboot a few times a day to get in.

No major changes recently other than perhaps some misc driver updates to showtime, HBO, Netflix etc, probably for roku.

I tried loading an older project but that didn't do the trick.  I hope I'm doing that correctly.  I just load the previous project and once uploaded, I reboot.

I'm about to leave town again and would love to solve this before I head out.  🙏


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1 hour ago, AP-123 said:

I do have an Ecobee last updated driver was January 2017 from the drivers lab. Was that the culprit? I think there are other drivers available. 

Thank you.

It was the issue for me.  Caused my EA-3 to lockup every two hours like clockwork.  Driver removed from the project and I haven't had an issue since.  C4 identified the issue pretty quickly once my dealer sent logs and spoke to support.  

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