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Alexa for poolside home control

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Anyone have a good solution to have an Alexa poolside which can act just like other indoor alexas to control many C4 actions and devices?


We’ve got a nice patio and tv setup all integrated with C4 so can play music, but would like to be able to shout from my pool to have Alexa change the song. Thinking a good wireless waterproof speaker but not sure of one which has multi room and same features as a dot.


Guess I could just carry a dot out connected to a battery pack if all else fails.


Thanks all and wash those hands!



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+1 on the Apple Watch app.

I have an Echo Dot in my pool cabana along with a TV (with a long arm that comes out of the cabana) and AV equipment.  I use the Echo Dot in the way that you suggest as it is connected to a C4 4 zone amp and I use audio sensing to turn on the zone.  I have outdoor Yamaha speakers on the outside of the cabana and rock speakers as well.  I am currently only using two zones of the four zone amp so I may add more rock or outdoor speakers for more coverage of the pool deck. 

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