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Remote Programming and Trouble shooting

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We had our system installed a few years back. Never worked properly. Looking to give it one last try before I toss everything in the garbage. It just seems like something or another never works or works correctly.


We just upgraded our internet gateway so I am sure the new problems are related to this.

I am actaully a big believer in Control4 or home automation in general but my wife is sick of things not working. 

Latest casualty is our wireless music bridge won't work. 



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When you change network equipment, such as your isp, it may need to be re-set up or massaged properly before you can point the finger at control4.

In the case of your wireless bridge issue, that could be a number of things or a network conflict.

You'll get lots of advise and critique below my post on your network equipment... which you should also mention. Some equipment is not designed for home automation out of the box or not good at all. Especially using ISP equipment to run a control4 system on.  Do you know all the networking equipment in your system and how it's set up. What is your primary controller?

Here's one... are all your ip devices reserved in the router to avoid conflicts?

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Reading between the lines and because the OP said new problems appeared to coincide with his Internet changes I suspect he is using ISP network equipment. 

I still find it amazing the number of times we fix this very issue, usually along the lines of: homeowner A uses ISP networking equipment in a Control4 system with static IP addresses in use, sells home to homeowner B who promptly switches ISPs to an ISP with a different Class C addressing scheme and voila Control4 stops working. Or simply homeowner A changes ISP and wonders why things stop working.

The commonality of bad practices here is the use of ISP networking equipment in conjunction with fixed / static IP addresses. While fixed / static IP addresses are good practice for certain equipment and required for some equipment, it's a bad idea to do so while using ISP networking gear instead of a dedicated Control4 network setup.

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