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Lutron Homeworks QS Integration

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Due to an admin error beyond my control i dont currently have access to the dealer support site for docs, etc. I'm adding a lutron system remotely to a c4 system that currently doesnt have a 4site license so I'm flying blind here. Can anyone tell me how I'd go about bring the loads from lutron into c4? I have the processor linked via IP and I've added my keypads and shades from the integration IDs I cant find any evidence of lighting loads, nothing shows up under lighting from the composer navigator adjustment screen, what am I missing? I very rarely do composer programming anymore and am in a lutron specific division with the company I work for.....Thanks in advance

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Keypads won't show up on interfaces, you need to add the drivers and integration IDs for the lights themselves.  You can trigger the keypad events with the phantom button drivers if you need to though, but they won't show on an interface. 

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yea I see what your saying. thats what was throwing me off. seeing the driver for homeworksqs dimmer makes it sound like its a wired dimmer rather than a module output but I guess its just really based upon the ID. appreciate the response brother.

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6 hours ago, mstafford388 said:

Not at all.  I've been involved in llots of very successful C4 panelized lighting jobs. 

+1 to that. 

iv'e done a lot of Lutron, Clipsal, Control4, Crestron Lighting and honestly once they are set up properly they just work. 

i've even mixed a few of them together. Had a client who liked the dimming from Lutron Modules (I know it sounds silly, but yeah lol) but wanted Clipsal EDLTs. 

The keypad thing threw me off too when i first started out lol



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