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Feit Motion Sensing Light Bulbs

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Just a heads up. I thought these Feit Motion Sensing Light Bulbs were the answer to closet lights, etc. that need to come on via motion. Instead of having to install a Lutron motion sensing switch, I thought these things were the easy answer. Superb idea but poor execution. I didn't believe it until the Feit engineers confirmed it. They use microwave motion detection. So if you roll over in bed, the closet light will come on, even with the door closed. If someone walks under the closet downstairs, the light will come on. It sees through drywall, tile, floors... it is crazy sensitive. I had to put a wireless camera in the pantry to see for myself because it was never going off. After 10 minutes outside on the patio, the thing worked and turned the light off. Walked in the house and the light came on, through a tiled wall (backsplash) and 25' away through another wall to the door. Basically if we are in the house, the light is on.

The part I don't understand is that it also can disrupt your WiFi. I put two of these in and created two dead zones. Flip the light switch to remove power, and WiFi comes back. Others have said they'll screw up Sonos. Haven't seen that myself.

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Thats like chopping the door off my microwave turning it on and just leaving it there for jokes. 

and that sounds like a lot of microwave radiation going through your home. 

an Avoid for me too 


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