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I have encountered a tricky problem that I can’t seem to solve 😪.  Hoping someone here can help!

I want to do the following:

1. set room 1’s audio source equal to room 2;

2.  turn room 2 Off while leaving room 1 playing. 

3. Choose a new audio source in room 2 without impacting room 1.

Steps 1 and 2 are easy.  I am currently using the room control driver to sync the sources (I have also tried joining and leaving sessions Which also works). 

Step 3 is where I hit a problem.  As soon as I choose a new source for room 2, it changes room 1 to this source also.  How do I de-link rooms 1 and 2 between steps 2 and 3.  I thought “room off” would be sufficient but it is not.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am sure that I am missing something obvious.

Thanks in advance!



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6 hours ago, Cyknight said:

So....any double matrix going on? Video switch to audio switch, audio switch to switching amplifier?

Interesting question.  Not in the real world, but quite possibly within the virtual world of C4 connections.  I am not quite sure which one matters here?

To explain...  An additional detail (could be important) that I did not mention in my original post is that room 2 does not actually have any speakers.  My dealer created a dummy audio end point to this room to facilitate programming.  I originally used it for voice control.  If if say “Turn on xxx in room yyy” then it would play xxx in room 2, join room y in to room 2 and then turn off room 2.  This made programming of lots of xxx (playlists that can be played) and multiple room options easy.  Until now, I have been the only person using voice control so we never noticed the problem!

I am not 100% sure but I think my dealer set up the audio end pint (and probably the video end point) to be the second zone on the Denon which feeds one of our TVs.  There will be a matrix in front of the Denon.

I think that the answer for my situation (based on your comment) is to find some other device (maybe even have my dealer add a dummy non existent device) to make my audio end point for room 2?

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5 hours ago, Mjayy said:

What controller are you using ?

CA10 Director.  Although my digital music comes from an EA5 and an HC800.

Thanks @Cyknight, your questions prodded me to make a change which now works.  My dealer dropped an old Denon AVR Driver (IR) in to my project as a dummy driver and connected my digital media to this and changed the Room 2 audio endpoint to be this driver.  Everything now works flawlessly!

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2 hours ago, Cyknight said:

So by the sound of it, the system only 'saw' one path to get audio to both rooms, hence the source 'stealing'

I think that is correct although I am not sure why. 

But I am happy that the issue is fixed!

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