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RGB LED Strips


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34 minutes ago, zaphod said:

Get new strips.  12V are the most common and are quite cheap - about $15-25 per 5m roll on Amazon or specialty LED online retailers. 

How long is your run?  If it is longer than one roll then you may want to use an amplifier, or get additional controllers and you can set these up as different zones.  You might be able to use one power supply to drive multiple controllers, but you will need to run wires from the power supply to all controllers.

I haven't used the Shelly controller, but it looks pretty good.  There are also cheap Wifi controllers that can be integrated into C4 that use an app called Magic Home or FluxLED.

Runs are short (backlighting a display and 2 movie posters).  I'm going to grab 12v's, but now I have two reels of 5v 60/m individually addressable indoor strips.  I'm going to try to find a use for them, they aren't easily returned to "Hong Kong".  

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You don't mention in your original post - do you want RGB so that you can change colors or do you just want a single color?  If it is just a single color then you really just need a method to switch on and off.

If you want RGB then do you want the display and two movie posters to be the same or do you want them to be different. If you want them all to be separately controlled then you need a controller for each although you may be able to get away with a single power supply.

By the way there is a cool product to backlight displays that mimics the color on the screen. It was originally called Philipps Ambilight but there are clones available as well:  https://techuplife.com/best-ambilight-clones/

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