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Best Practices - Hue behind a C4 Switch

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I've got a Control4 On/Off switch that controls power to a set of outdoor Hue Colored Flood Light. 

What are the best practices around doing this?

Goals for this:

  1. Don't "Casually" turn off the power to the Hue lights, as that means the Hue controls won't work. Leave power on at all times and instead use the Hue features to turn the lights on/off. 
  2. Enable "On/Off" of load if I really want.
  3. Accept that color control & brightness (for now) is via the Hue App, not the C4 switch. 
  4. Any "canned" C4 Scenes such as "Exterior Lights On / Off" would use an Advanced Lighting Scenes (which include Hue) rather than the Switch Load.

Here's what I've done:

  1. Set the C4 Switch to "Use as 2 Button Keypad" 
  2. Create an Advanced Lighting Scene 
    1. "Exterior Basement Floods - Load"
  3. In Programming, setup:
    1. "Toggle | Double Tap | Toggle Lighting Scene "Exterior Basement Floods - Load"

The Above allows me enable/disable power if I want to (via the Double-Tap), but generally just "leave it on all the time". Kids won't accidently turn off the load. 

Next, I add in the Hue Programming:

  1. Create an Advanced Lighting Scene "Exterior Basement Floods High" that is just "100% for everything" ramped over 5 seconds via the Huge Lighting Group. 
  2. In Programming the switch, setup:
    1. Toggle | Pressed | Toggle "Exterior Basement Floods High". 

This seems to work, but is also more complex than it should be. Things I would like people's opinion on before I go do this for other loads / hue integrations around the house:

Q1: Should I use a "Toggle" Scene, or simple "Activate / Deactivate" the Load Scene? 
Q2: Should I remove the Switch from the Navigators ("Hide from Nav")? I'm just worried then it'll get accidently turned off, and I'll be unable to turn it on easily. 
Q3: Is there an easier way? This seems error prone and complex for something as common as a Hue integration. 

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