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It’s puzzling because if I execute the command in system design or execute the programming I get the flash.  Refresh navs and still no flash. This is certainly the way to handle this situation and I’ll be using it on some of my projects moving forward. We sell a ton of LGs and now that Roku supports DV, I’m sure we’ll sell even more.   Just have to work through this.  I’m puzzled.  So no binding of the IR Driver in in the IP driver?  If it’s working from the System Design interface for the IR driver sns executes correctly in the programming test it’s really boggling me. 

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1 hour ago, Matt Lowe said:

i would go to the bottom of the actions side and send the command manually. I have found that the on and off button at the top of device actions are not reliable and do not work well.

Thanks Matt.  I'll try that for my own curiosity when I get back there.  For better or worse, what I ended up doing was programming off of the Room Control driver.  "When item from Watch Menu selected, when item from Listen Menu selected".  "Turn LG (dummy IR driver) On".  Then I went to the room itself and programmed "if the C4 button is pressed", same thing.  It seems to be working fine.  Just strange that the way it's supposed to work (even though we're tricking it), doesn't flash the bud.  @Crustyloaferthis "IS" the solution for the WOL issues people are having with LG and Samsung frankly.  Good fix, I never thought about doing it.

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