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Non C4 Lamp Dimmer Recommendation

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On 10/6/2020 at 8:36 AM, Olichops said:

So I have the C4 dimmer and not impressed with the size, reliability and price of the unit. I just want some reliable units for holiday lights. What are the forum recommendations to accomplish this and is the driver available?

There is a GE Z-Wave outdoor dongle that I thought was on the z-wave compatible list, if you have z-wave module in a controller. Never used the C4 z-wave, but used them through a Vera hub at my old house. Worked like a champ in very harsh conditions.

I also had the electrician add switched eve plugs and the price was a lot cheaper than I expected, which he said was because he had easy access in the attic and I didn't care where the switch was. I think with the switch the whole deal was $200. Very clean look.

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