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Looking for some guidance. My house has:
- Home theater room with a TV and a projector;
- Multiple rooms with in-ceiling speakers;
- Everything wired into a media rack at the basement, all rooms very distant from the media rack.

The media rack has:
- Denon receiver to power the home theater speakers, and HDMI to the TV/projector;
- Multiple Marantz AV receivers (all same model) that power the speakers around the house. Total of 8 zones (not including the home theater), I use Heos to distribute/control music around the house (multiple sources of music like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube);
- Roku to stream TV content.

I'm looking for a remote control system, and thinking of two possible options: 
1. Remote control capable of controlling the TV or the projector in the home theater room, as well as control the Denon receiver and the Roku device, which are both very distant from the home theater room; 
2. Everything included in #1 plus the ability to control music through all zones (through Heos).

Any ideas/suggestions on option #1 and #2? 


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Do you have Control4? This is a Control4 forum so the answers you are going to get are either SR260 or in my opinion Neeo is great for home theater controlling multiple zones etc. If you don't have Control4 get a Harmony but maybe pay better attention to the forums you are posting on. 

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