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The MyHomePC app is dead in gerenal as flash isn't supported in OS3 and up.

Those that really want it on a computer tend to use an android emulator (Blustacks and others) and the android Control4 app for OS3 - see no reason that wouldn't work for OS2 as well.

Note that depending on the emulator, it may be required to have 4Sight to make this work - other can maybe chime in on any known emulators that don't require it

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Right... the announcement said starting Jan 12, yesterday was running fine though, so I was lil hopeful thinking maybe support ended but we could keep it up running. Any expectation C4 would be providing a suitable alternative for those users staying on OS2?

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On a related issue, do we know if C4 is working on a new PC navigator?  Or is this the sort of thing that they don't talk about?

I have said this before and I will say it again - It would be really nice to get web based versions of both Navigator and Composer HE. That way they would be OS independent.

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