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Zabbix template to monitor controllers

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I had a particularly nasty issue with an EA3 rebooting.  I never knew why and we could never catch it in the act when it happened - every 3 weeks seemingly randomly. Tech support was no good as we couldn't reproduce the issue. What to do? Sadly, SNMP went away in 3.x so I went a bit brute force to monitor this box and ended up using direct SSH login.

This template pulls the load 1, 5, and 15 values, swap usage, free RAM (with buffers taken out to show actual available free RAM should a process request it) and CPU user, sys, idle and nice values, top 10 CPU and top 10 RAM using processes. There are also graphs for the numeric data.

I have attached a Zabbix template that you can use. It is pre-populated with the old default Control4 root password. You can find/replace that with whatever password is on your controller.

If you want to expand this template or have ideas on something I should add (or think this is very very wrong and have a better idea), let me know.

Hopefully this helps someone. Seeing that bump in CPU at 2:34PM and then having an event to correlate to (Were you home? What were you doing? Your 3 year old was doing WHAT with the Neeo?!) is a good feeling.




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8 minutes ago, BubbaDuck said:

I never did. I suspect it was a firmware issue as I haven't had a single issue since 3.2.1.

oh bummer could have been a driver leaking memory or something as well. hopefully and automatic update fixed it.

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@BubbaDuck Thx for this! Easily imported this into my zabbix instance (latest on rhel) and working great. I ended up creating a new zabbix user on the controllers (adduser zbx) to separate out root from the zabbix account. Otherwise, used straight away. Thanks for sharing it!

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