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Intercom Anywhere App has stopped working

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Same thing happened to me. This could definitely just be a coincidence but I opened the intercom app on my phone and then rung it from the doorbell or one of my t3s. The call went through in the app and when I closed it it continued to work.

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4 hours ago, eddy.trochez said:

For those having issues with IA not working. Go to your coustomer.control4.com account and delete the devices from the devices list. Not the users, only the devices. Log in to your IA app and try again.

Done the above will not let me login  - Come on Control4 Get a Grip and roll out the Update 

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On 2/24/2021 at 4:09 PM, timbooo said:

Is there an easy way to disable Intercom Anywhere now that it has been rolled into the single app? Use the touchscreen for the door, phones and tablets all ringing as well is annoying.

you can program in different call groups based on a various number of events.

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