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Rack cooling -- dealer liked it, so figured I'd share

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Built my house with a closet in mind, but it lacked circulation and the components were running hot, especially with a dense rack. Threw this together with online parts (the main ones being a Cloudline T6 and a Tripp Lite exhaust duct) -- works great and is good for a ~20dg temp. drop (not shown, FYI) while reducing net noise due to fan speed. Sharing for inspiration/if helpful.



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7 hours ago, Topspin14m said:

Following!  Did you vent it to somewhere or just within the closet?

I vented it through the wall behind the rack then to the crawl space under my house (we don't have basements here in TN, ha). In my case, the crawl is conditioned, but they key aspect was creating a return for my HVAC, as under the door was enough on the supply/feed end. From what I'd read, this is typically the case with closets.

It sustains low-80s now, which for how packed my rack is (moreso than the pic), is pretty good.

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