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I have a Roku 3 as one of my system inputs that's controlled by C4. I use the C4 remote to control all things related to the Roku 3.

My question is, if I upgrade my Roku 3 to a Roku Ultra, would it be controllable by C4 without any changes by my C4 system programmer (my home theater company)?

Do they need a new driver or anything like that?

Will the new Ultra just work?



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11 minutes ago, msgreenf said:


When you upgrade you will need to use COmposer HE to select the new Roku in the driver - that should be all that is needed

I have the latest version of Composer HE, but it complains that my system's OS needs to be upgraded.

Do I need to upgrade the OS if I just want to select the new Roku?

I haven't worked with the C4 drivers yet. Where do I find them in Composer HE? How do I select the Roku type?

Can I also update the Roku driver on my own?



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1 minute ago, SMHarman said:

Your new roku needs the same in address as the old one. 

Your new roku needs the setting checked for ip and app control. 

Don't think you need a dealer. 

Where in Composer HE do I view/change/set the Roku IP address?



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On 1/13/2021 at 6:41 PM, msgreenf said:


There should be a drop-down selector after you select your roku. You then pick the new name and click set. 



Thanks for the reply. I just installed my new Roku ultra 2020. I changed the pull down to select the new device. Then clicked Set.

Is there anything else I need to do to download that change to the EA devices because nothing changed.

The remote doesn’t control the new Roku.

What am I missing?


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20 minutes ago, JSTRONG said:

That should be all you need to do. Can you control it from composer ?

I got it. I was changing the Roku setting in the wrong place. It works now !! thanks.

I can now click on Watch and then select one of many Roku apps/channels.

Next question. Sorry for the "dumb" questions. How do I change the order of the

selections on my remote when I press "Watch"? I'd like Youtube TV to be first, now its third.

Where is that set?

thanks a million.

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9 hours ago, zaphod said:

In Composer HE click on the room name. Then click on the  Navigator tab and under Experience Menus click on Watch.  Then click on Modify... in the top right and move things up or down.

I have found an odd situation here.  I have 2 Roku Ultra 2020's, and both show the same thing: when I select "Roku Channels" using either the SR260 or C4 Android App, that brings up a complete list of the subchannels available, as it should.  The order of Apps here reflects the order I have manually created on each device using the Roku interface, to move Apps to where i want them listed.  This is also as expected.

However, the *first* App listed for both is Fandango Movies Now, which I never use.  This App doesn't seem to appear anywhere in Composer Pro, so there's no way that I can see to change this.  On the Roku interface, this Movie option appears on the 'main' Roku menu on the left, the same 'level' where the Home option appears, so it seems to be a different type of option than the 'regular' apps (netflix, amazon, etc.).

Is there any way to remove this item, or at least push it further down the list?

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15 minutes ago, msgreenf said:

I have hidden that on the home screen since I don't use it. That should remove it from remote. 

If you mean hide "Roku Channels" entirely from the remote, then yes that would get rid of Fandango.  I was just wondering if there were some way to keep Roku Channels, but get rid of Fandango.

Keeping the Roku itself accessible would give similar access to all of the Channels by displaying the Home Screen, so that still works.  Just curious to see if there was some option I was overlooking.


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3 minutes ago, msgreenf said:

No. Hide fandango movies on the home screen of roku. If you don't use it. Hide it. 

There is an option for that on the roku itself. 

That's the thing - Fandango is not treated the same as the other apps - it seems to be in a different category.  See the attached photo I just took.  Fandango appears to be at the same hierarchical 'level' as the Home menu itself.  There is no Fandango app shown on the right at all.  This photo obviously doesn't show all the apps, but when scrolling through everything that's there, there is no Fandango app as such.  It is only accessed via the Menu on the left.Roku.thumb.jpg.2e83bc709400fa2f0a5280256d6e9051.jpg

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