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New to C4 (for new home) - What components do I need?

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On 1/19/2021 at 8:25 AM, therockhr said:

The "you need to ask your dealer" post is the most useless kind of post on this board. The poster said they are talking to a dealer. They came on here asking for other opinions. I dont know about you all but I wouldnt just trust the opinion of a couple of dealers only just because they were local to me.

While I don't disagree there are plenty of dealers who jump to quickly to the ask you dealer, the we can design and create a system for you over text without knowing anything about the house is also pretty useless. There seams to be a heavy user base here that think the majority of dealers are bad and only a handful are good when in reality its the opposite and or most guys get the bad dealer when they purely are looking for the cheapest quote.

most of these new to control4 posts are sincere and are homeowners honestly looking for feedback/understanding/confidence. This one doesn't pass the smell test by any means. While I am sure there are dealers willing to install/program stuff they didn't spec or wire, multiple? If he talked to multiple why did he not ask them any of these questions? Why no get a quote from a dealer before deciding to buy it all on your own (probably because all the dealers he talked to knew he wasn't going to buy from them so they didn't give him a shopping list). Which explains why he is asking the public to recommend not just how to design it all, but model numbers so they can slowly wait for the perfect used price on ebay for each item. Just in an initial consult with a dealer a dealer would have told him to tidal is native and spotify is spotify connect and is ok. To me based on my intuition this guy hasn't talked to any dealers, is a DIY enthusiast and wants to step up to a better system, plans to buy everything himself, install everything himself, and eventual pay an remote programmer to set it all up for him (being generous on this one). WHICH IS FINE if that's what he wants to do, but most dealers will respond accordingly and defend their means of work asking him to discuss this with a dealer and not offer help.

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14 minutes ago, eggzlot said:

well if they are going C4 likely they want something more centralized.  

Maybe so.  My point was that someone who has no sunk cost and that set of needs might consider whether 3 apps instead of 5 (some of which won't get used very often) is worth the extra money, and dated (Luma)/bugged (Intercom) functionality.  That's all

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