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Vertilux driver is awful


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I am using OS 3.2.1; Vertilux Bridge driver 1002; Vertilux driver 1004 for shade controllers.  I am using Vertilux serial interface controller.

The operation is very buggy to the point it is useless.

Vertilux does not update with the status of the shades, so it is not possible to program something like "if shades are open then close".  That would not be a fatal problem if you could program something like "close living room shades at 6PM".  The problem is that if the system thinks the living room shades are already closed, it does nothing.  So, if you opened the shades with the manual control, the system thinks they are closed and your "automation" is useless.

At some point (some previous version of OS or driver), you could get around this by programming a quick close then open --to open the shades; or, quick open then close -- to close the shades.  Because the commands were immediate, the first command just removed the erroneous presumption in the system that the shades were already opened (or already closed).  However, since at some point this was broken and unless there is at least two seconds between commands, the command does not get sent.

So, say you want to close all shades at 6PM regardless of status.  For automation to work, you have to program for shades to open for about three seconds.  Then stop, then wait a few seconds and close.  The effect is that, at 6PM, all shades open a bit, then stop, then close.  It is incredibly annoying and now a joke in my family as to how ridiculously expensive it was to get a system that has to do this to be able to close the shades at a certain time of the day.

If anyone has had better luck with Vertilux or knows of workarounds or alternatives, I would very much appreciate any tips.

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