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Control4 App on the M1

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1 hour ago, cnicholson said:

I assume you mean installing the iOS app on the M1 mac, right?   So all works well?  I was worried about network issues for iOS apps running in "virtual iPad / iPhone" mode.  But no problems for you so far I take it?

Yeah - works flawlessly 

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1 hour ago, Sbrown said:

I have the same issue with Luma cameras.  Everything else works great.

No kidding?  That's good to know - I don't feel as crazy now.  In addition to the blue tint I also have the grey pinwheel rotating in the center of every camera image (again only on the M1) - are you seeing that too?

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8 hours ago, ekohn00 said:

No clue....but have you turned True Tone off to see if it makes a difference?

Good thought - my display doesn't support True Tone though so I don't think that's it - it is a heavy blue tint though for what that's worth - must be some problem with the code the app is using to display cameras and how the M1 is processing that

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+1 for blue tint to cameras and spinning pinwheel using Control4 app on M1 Mac; I'm using Hikvision, Dahua and UniFi Protect cameras - all exhibit the same display behaviour viewing sub streams from NVR and RTSP direct makes no difference. I'm not sure what the cause is but would be nice to allow for increased camera resolutions which in the past has been the cause for some color banding.

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