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I have been trying to get Sonos available as a playback source for wake ups. I have chosen the 'Sync Favorites To Media Database' option which is meant to allow it - but as of yet I still cannot select a Sonos favourite as a wake up source.

Has anybody else set this up who would be able to advise? Thanks.

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2 hours ago, Gary Leeds UK said:

We programme from wake up on HE 

different music each morning 

just use wake up from T3 for the time and then using programming for everything else 

Same here.  The touch screen wake-up alarm triggers a macro that plays a Sonos favorite -- we use a Pandora station -- and gradually increases the volume every 30 seconds.   After 5 minutes have passed, the black-out shades go up and the lights come on.  It works great, and it saves me from having to harass the kids every morning!


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